The Best Chicken Waterer - Guaranteed!

Providing your chickens with a constant supply of clean water is critical to their health, but can be a chore. Unless poopy dishes are cleaned daily they can quickly become a vector for diseases. And who wants the extra work of filling dishes everyday?

I believe that Everybody who keeps chickens will quickly come to the conclusion that an automatic  waterering system is, by far, the best way to water your chicken friends.

There are many automatic watering systems available, but not all are great! What makes an automatic chicken waterer great you may ask? I'll be happy to share my experience!

A Great Automatic Chicken Watering System is a Closed System 

A closed system generally means the water is contained within the system in such a manner that it is protected from barnyard contamination. Closed systems use poultry drinkers to dispense water. Drinkers are "on-demand micro-valves" that are triggered by the birds when they're thirsty. There is no waste and the birds beak never comes in contact with the water within the system.Dirty chicken water can spread disease

There are many waterers available at your local feed store that consist of a trough and float, you've seen them. These are good in that they stay full, but are not considered closed and will collect junk.  

Autowaterkit® is a Closed System! 

A Great Automatic Chicken Watering System is Durable

Automatic chicken watering system from Auowaterkit.comSimply put, a great automatic chicken waterer should be made from materials that will stand up to rigors of the barnyard, year after year. Thin plastic construction will not hold up under the sun, and plastic float valves usually only last one season. Also consider the availability and cost of replacement parts. A great system will use thick plastic and brass parts to ensure many years of service. 

Autowaterkit® is Durable! 

A Great Automatic Chicken Watering System is Versatile

Chicken coops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. A great automatic system should be able to fit them all and posses the followingPipe assembly ships with poultry water cups and nipples

  • A large reservoir for remote use or where plumbed water is not available

  • Ability to plumb directly to water source in order to stay full at all times. Additionally, plumbing should not interfere with the ability to use a garden hose

  • Ability to use drinker cups or drinker nipples.
  • Ability to place reservoir outside the coop to reduce "perchables"  
  • Have a drain valve to reduce mess at cleaning time

Autowaterkit® is Versatile! 

A Great Automatic Chicken Watering System is Expandable

It's inevitable, you're eventually gonna want more chickens! You may want to start breeding, or you simply may want to separate the rooster from the hens. In either case another chicken coop/pen is in order. If you've opted for the open trough/float type of waterer (dirty!), then you'll need to purchase another one and run another garden hose - no bueno! But, if you're using a closed system with pipe and drinkers, all that is needed is to extend the pipe and add another drinker- simple and cheap!    

Autowaterkit® is Expandable! 

A Great Automatic Chicken Watering System is Guaranteed

The Autowaterkit GuarenteeFinally, a great automatic chicken waterer should be backed up with a guarantee- so you know it's great! It should be guaranteed not to leak with a one year warrantee on parts and workmanship.

Guess what? 

Autowaterkit® is Guaranteed! 




This high quality chicken waterer comes with water cups and nipples mounted on a pvc pipe that rotates to allow many installation configurations
This automatic chicken watering system ships with water cups and nipples mounted on our pvc pipe assembly. Also includes a heavy duty float kit.
DIY automatic chicken watering system comes with all the parts needed to build a water that fits any chicken coop